House building numbers set locally not by Goverement

To say the housing numbers we have today is the sole fault of government is a gross exaggeration. The housing projections we have today never even went in front of all the members, simply a selective few.

While we wait for the Government to announce their final draft of the New National Planning Policy Framework, which will have to go before Parliament for approval and is expected to bring about crucial changes to future new housing projections here in Fareham, we should not lose sight of the fact, the present housing numbers now driving development in Fareham are not merely the fault of central government.

PUSH ( Partnership for Urban South Hampshire) is a partnership of the councils of: Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton, Isle of Wight, Eastleigh, East Hampshire, Fareham, Gosport, Havant, New Forest, Test Valley, and Winchester.

Old Street artist impression of housing development.

The assembly of Local council leaders, senior councillors and officers commissioned a number of studies to help them PUSH forward their plans for economic expansion.

Although the studies were prepared in line with the National Planning Policy Framework, to establish and distribute the objectively assessed needs for housing and economic growth over the long term period to 2034 across the PUSH area, PUSH gave a commitment that the final Housing objectively Assessed Housing Need figures would be consulted on through a public consultation.

Trying to find the link where they consulted US, the residents. Sadly there isn’t one, because we had no say.

That important consultation never materialised, it was effectively cancelled and the new housing numbers we see today that are driving the destruction of our greenfields were passed to each local authority for them to consult on through their revised Local Plan Reviews.

Artist Impression of the Ranvilles lane Planning application

The critical point is, although the likes of Fareham can demonstrate they have consulted through their Draft Local Plan review it is meaningless because the consultation is far too late in the planning process. The public does not have a chance of changing those figures at that stage, a fact which is well recognised.

So if you hear the words, it’s all the Government fault, please be mindful that is not the case. Local politicians across our region including Fareham played a role in the thousands in the housing figures we see today.

New houses being built in Daedalus

Safety for Bells Lane Crossing

Car appearing at speed from behind bend in Bells Lane

The crossing from the park on Mancroft Ave across Bells Lane to the rec is a busy crossing for pedestrians, and also a fast section of road. We have had reports from residents of children finding it difficult to cross the road safely. As you cross from the south at Mancroft Ave park side the view of oncoming traffic is restricted by the bend in the road and a mature tree. (We could see what the problem saw until we went to look and cross ourselfs.)

Look behind tree to see traffic

It is unsafe to start crossing if you make your decision on what you can see of the road; if you cross when it is clear, a car will have to slow or stop for you to complete the crossing.

The safe way to cross is to look behind the tree and note vehicles passing the bend by the end of Cuoko Lane; the vehicle will disappear for a few seconds before reappearing at speed.

The crossing is signed as a safe crossing point for walking to schools, but it seems this is only really true if there is a lollipop person there to help.

A light coloured road surface on the approach to the crossing had be added a few years ago to improve safety. That surface has mostly now worn away. Alex has requested that Hampshire County Council replace the light coloured road surface, as this is important for road safety.

We have also had car drivers and mobility scooter users also finding the traffic speed a problem.

Not so safe when not going to School

Local girl stands for election

Sophie in the village chatting with residents

Sophie Foster-Reed, Alex’s stepdaughter, is also standing as a Lib Dem candidate in Sarisbury Ward in the Fareham elections. Her uncle, Clive Foster-Reed, is also a Lib Dem Councillor in Gosport.

Sophie is an A-Level Student studying Government and Politics, at Bay House Sixth Form. I plan to read “Politics and International Relations” at University this autumn; either at Sheffield, Exeter or Southampton, depending on the result of this election.

You may have met Sophie, as she is not only when door knocking to meet residents in Sarisbury for support, she is also been supporting Alex and Jim in Hill Head and Stubbington. She has been out knocking on doors and standing in the village on a Saturday morning.

The Lib Dem team in Crofton wish her all the best in her election.

Read Sophie’s election statement and other Lib Dems Standing in Fareham.

Driving off road

Damaged verges in Mancroft Avenue

There is an increase of vehicles parking and driving on the grass verges and pavements in Hill Head. There has been a large increase in the number of cars over the last twenty years; this has brought pressure on our roads and on parking.

What residents are concerned about is cars and lorries that seem to drive over the curb not please they need to but please it is quicker. Where there are grass verges, like in Mancroft Ave and Vicarage Lane, the grass is quickly turned into a muddy mess. How can we improve this without concreting over the grass?

Fareham has one of the highest car ownership rates of anywhere in England which is leading to pressure on parking. Our roads and houses are not designed for parking to take this many cars.

While car drivers think they are being helpful to other vehicles by parking half off the road across pavements, it is dangerous for pedestrians. Even if they leave enough space for someone to walk by they are often forcing, the families with pushchairs, the disabled, elderly with walking frames and mobility users to use the main carriageway to get around the car.

Verge damage in Vicarage Lane

A balance needs to be found between car parking and safety. In many small Closes and Cul-de-Sacs residents have taken to parking there cars over the pavements to get everyone parked. Where on through roads half parking off the road isn’t helping anyone; half blocking the road and half blocking the pavement.

Charges at the Tip

Charges at the tip

Several residents this month have written to us concerned by the charges that the Conservatives have brought in at the tips in Hampshire. The charges are to cover rubble, plasterboard, and a few other things. The conservatives have proposed charging for other things but so far we have been spared.

The charges are from Conservative controlled Hampshire County Council who we pay our council tax to. They are legally responsible for disposing of the household rubbish taken to the tip. So we pay our tax and then pay again at the tip.

There is concern that the chargers are increasing fly tipping. One of the reasons HCC care little about the fly tipping, is that it is HCC that run the tips but FBC who pay to clear up the fly tipping. So HCC are reducing their costs while seemingly not caring that they are increasing the local borough councils costs.

The other thing we have heard people are doing is putting small amounts of rubble in they household bins each week. This again is extra cost to FBC. This is not just extra cost on our council tax but also the rumble isn’t recycled.

The Lib Dem have been complaining to HCC and we will continue to put pressure on them to improve recycling and remove the charges.

TOP TIP – Free Rubble Tip

If you do have some rubble in the future there is a place that will take it for free (as long as you have steel toe cap shoes.). It is on the Parkgate to Botley road, on the left straight after crossing over the M27.

google map: 50.878482, -1.268115

Signs of Tiding up

Hill Head sailing club car park

Tidy now

Alex has had the signs at the Cliff Road car park tidied up. One sign had fallen down, it’s now back up.

And when a new ‘No Parking on the grass’ sign was installed, the old sign was left; it has now been removed.



Alex has also report bent and non visible sign on Salterns Road, and reduce speed sign on Hill Head Road that is falling off the lamppost. Hopely it will be repaired before it falls on someone.

Hill Head Road

Salterns Road bend in the road sign

Bent sign on Salterns Road.

Verge side trees

We live in a beautiful area with trees in the grass verges to add to it.

Trees in Westgate off Nursery Lane

The County Council plant new trees every year in areas suggested by residents.

Contact us to pass on your suggestions.

Trees in Haven Cresent

Aircraft noise

Alex has been talking to the management team at Daedalus airfield about concerns residents have had about extra noise.

One concern was Brit-Norman or service and maintain aircraft who were carrying out engine test at full throttle for up to 30 minutes cross to local houses on Stubbington Lane. Alex along with a local resident was able to get the engine testing away from houses.

Alex meeting some of the management team at Daedalus

The loss of the guider club and the commercial drive for the airfield to make money may see increase noise in the future. We will have to keep an ear out and request changes where needed.

The rescue helicopter it seems is making more flights and hovering more than historically we are used to. As the summer comes and we open our windows at night we will near the helicopter more. The rescue helicopter operations have expanded at a lot of the last few years and I plan to write more in a future Ad LIb to let you know why we notice the noise more.

The new road into Daedalus from Lee sea front. 

Our Policies

Fareham Liberal Democrats Policy

See our vision for the way your Council should be run, and the services it should provide. In summary:

We will promote the building of new homes, which actually serve local residents across all sectors of need, using Brownfield rather than Greenfield sites where possible.

We will press for better standards of design, more space and greater energy efficiency when building new homes in the borough to counterbalance falling Government standards.

We will campaign for the provision of bus services that promote residents’ independence and access to community facilities.

Health and Social Care
We will work with Fareham and Gosport Clinical Commissioning Group to preserve access to services and Public Health England to make Fareham borough a healthy environment in which to live.

We will promote democratic change in the running of council affairs.

We will work to protect and enhance our green spaces, reduce pollution, promote recycling and provide a healthy environment for the residents.

In detail:


We will seek to work with developers and neighboring councils to address the shortage of affordable homes, including social rental property. We will look favourably at well-designed developments that include up to four storey residential units.

All new properties should have access to high quality Internet access.

We will ensure that new developments have sufficient parking provision for both residents and visitors.

Will continue to resist attempts to bring forward greenfield sites for development when there are previously developed (brownfield) sites still available and previously consented sites yet to be built out.

We will seek reasons why planning consents for new residential developments have not resulted in building taking place.  Seek change in the law so that planning consents have to be built within three years.

We will work to preserve the character of the land that will be left between the Stubbington bypass and the existing district housing. Farming should continue, and rights of way must be maintained.

There are concerns about the proposed Welborne project.  We will press for the delivery of infrastructure and amenities that have been promised to make this a self-sufficient community.  This development should have, at an early stage, its own schools, shops, surgeries and employment opportunities.   The details as presently set out fail to address the problem of public transport access and the routing for the Bus Rapid Transport system.

Health and social care

We will press for better integration of health and social care.

We will press for adequate funding for mental health and substance misuse services.

We will press for better Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) teaching

to be given more priority in schools.  Pressures of exams has pushed PSHE to the margin in many schools.

We will promote policies to make Fareham Borough a healthy environment including the extension of the air quality monitoring zone and provision of safe cycling and pedestrian routes.

We will press for better support services and respite care for families caring for loved ones.

We will press for better management and more affordable rental for care providers at Fareham Community Hospital. This will improve the range of services available to residents more locally. We applaud the recent intervention of the CCG to facilitate this.


Street bins for recycling

We believe that each generation is responsible for the fate of our planet and by safeguarding the balance of nature and the environment, for the long-term continuation of life in all its forms.

We will work to maintain the existing Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC) free of charge to domestic users and available seven days a week.  An increase in fly tipping is already being seen across the borough.


We aim to disperse power to enable citizens to take part in the decisions that affect their lives.

We as members and elected representatives will work hard for our wards and divisions.

We will work with all other parties and agencies to serve all the residents of Fareham while also promoting liberal democratic policies and values in the Borough.

We do not believe that the current format and structure of the Council allows full and open discussion of matters concerning the running of the Borough and will, given the opportunity, seek to change the executive structure to a committee system.

We will support the formation of parish councils across the Borough as a matter of principle, but in the meantime call for Community Action Team meetings that give more opportunities for genuine discussion.

Continue to examine in detail Council finances and the investment strategies, and challenge the Executive where appropriate.

We will work to ensure consultations are properly worded and agreed by the scrutiny board to ensure their impartiality.  Ensure consultations are properly advertised and appropriate notice is given.

We will work to get a better balance between services and council tax, to protect the provision of essential services.


We will support an improved bus service to serve Fareham community hospital.

We will support the refurbishment of Fareham Bus Station.  Its replacement needs to be more generous in the space provided for passenger movement and waiting.

We believe concessionary travel should be extended to young people to the age of 18 in full time education.

More Information

If you would like further information or wish to comment our our policies, please contact us. We would love to hear your feedback.