Our Policies

Fareham Liberal Democrats Policy

See our vision for the way your Council should be run, and the services it should provide. In summary:

We will promote the building of new homes, which actually serve local residents across all sectors of need, using Brownfield rather than Greenfield sites where possible.

We will press for better standards of design, more space and greater energy efficiency when building new homes in the borough to counterbalance falling Government standards.

We will campaign for the provision of bus services that promote residents’ independence and access to community facilities.

Health and Social Care
We will work with Fareham and Gosport Clinical Commissioning Group to preserve access to services and Public Health England to make Fareham borough a healthy environment in which to live.

We will promote democratic change in the running of council affairs.

We will work to protect and enhance our green spaces, reduce pollution, promote recycling and provide a healthy environment for the residents.

In detail:


We will seek to work with developers and neighboring councils to address the shortage of affordable homes, including social rental property. We will look favourably at well-designed developments that include up to four storey residential units.

All new properties should have access to high quality Internet access.

We will ensure that new developments have sufficient parking provision for both residents and visitors.

Will continue to resist attempts to bring forward greenfield sites for development when there are previously developed (brownfield) sites still available and previously consented sites yet to be built out.

We will seek reasons why planning consents for new residential developments have not resulted in building taking place.  Seek change in the law so that planning consents have to be built within three years.

We will work to preserve the character of the land that will be left between the Stubbington bypass and the existing district housing. Farming should continue, and rights of way must be maintained.

There are concerns about the proposed Welborne project.  We will press for the delivery of infrastructure and amenities that have been promised to make this a self-sufficient community.  This development should have, at an early stage, its own schools, shops, surgeries and employment opportunities.   The details as presently set out fail to address the problem of public transport access and the routing for the Bus Rapid Transport system.

Health and social care

We will press for better integration of health and social care.

We will press for adequate funding for mental health and substance misuse services.

We will press for better Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) teaching

to be given more priority in schools.  Pressures of exams has pushed PSHE to the margin in many schools.

We will promote policies to make Fareham Borough a healthy environment including the extension of the air quality monitoring zone and provision of safe cycling and pedestrian routes.

We will press for better support services and respite care for families caring for loved ones.

We will press for better management and more affordable rental for care providers at Fareham Community Hospital. This will improve the range of services available to residents more locally. We applaud the recent intervention of the CCG to facilitate this.


Street bins for recycling

We believe that each generation is responsible for the fate of our planet and by safeguarding the balance of nature and the environment, for the long-term continuation of life in all its forms.

We will work to maintain the existing Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC) free of charge to domestic users and available seven days a week.  An increase in fly tipping is already being seen across the borough.


We aim to disperse power to enable citizens to take part in the decisions that affect their lives.

We as members and elected representatives will work hard for our wards and divisions.

We will work with all other parties and agencies to serve all the residents of Fareham while also promoting liberal democratic policies and values in the Borough.

We do not believe that the current format and structure of the Council allows full and open discussion of matters concerning the running of the Borough and will, given the opportunity, seek to change the executive structure to a committee system.

We will support the formation of parish councils across the Borough as a matter of principle, but in the meantime call for Community Action Team meetings that give more opportunities for genuine discussion.

Continue to examine in detail Council finances and the investment strategies, and challenge the Executive where appropriate.

We will work to ensure consultations are properly worded and agreed by the scrutiny board to ensure their impartiality.  Ensure consultations are properly advertised and appropriate notice is given.

We will work to get a better balance between services and council tax, to protect the provision of essential services.


We will support an improved bus service to serve Fareham community hospital.

We will support the refurbishment of Fareham Bus Station.  Its replacement needs to be more generous in the space provided for passenger movement and waiting.

We believe concessionary travel should be extended to young people to the age of 18 in full time education.

More Information

If you would like further information or wish to comment our our policies, please contact us. We would love to hear your feedback.