Safety for Bells Lane Crossing

Car appearing at speed from behind bend in Bells Lane

The crossing from the park on Mancroft Ave across Bells Lane to the rec is a busy crossing for pedestrians, and also a fast section of road. We have had reports from residents of children finding it difficult to cross the road safely. As you cross from the south at Mancroft Ave park side the view of oncoming traffic is restricted by the bend in the road and a mature tree. (We could see what the problem saw until we went to look and cross ourselfs.)

Look behind tree to see traffic

It is unsafe to start crossing if you make your decision on what you can see of the road; if you cross when it is clear, a car will have to slow or stop for you to complete the crossing.

The safe way to cross is to look behind the tree and note vehicles passing the bend by the end of Cuoko Lane; the vehicle will disappear for a few seconds before reappearing at speed.

The crossing is signed as a safe crossing point for walking to schools, but it seems this is only really true if there is a lollipop person there to help.

A light coloured road surface on the approach to the crossing had be added a few years ago to improve safety. That surface has mostly now worn away. Alex has requested that Hampshire County Council replace the light coloured road surface, as this is important for road safety.

We have also had car drivers and mobility scooter users also finding the traffic speed a problem.

Not so safe when not going to School