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Driving off road

by Alex Brims on 19 April, 2018

Damaged verges in Mancroft Avenue

There is an increase of vehicles parking and driving on the grass verges and pavements in Hill Head. There has been a large increase in the number of cars over the last twenty years; this has brought pressure on our roads and on parking.

What residents are concerned about is cars and lorries that seem to drive over the curb not please they need to but please it is quicker. Where there are grass verges, like in Mancroft Ave and Vicarage Lane, the grass is quickly turned into a muddy mess. How can we improve this without concreting over the grass?

Fareham has one of the highest car ownership rates of anywhere in England which is leading to pressure on parking. Our roads and houses are not designed for parking to take this many cars.

While car drivers think they are being helpful to other vehicles by parking half off the road across pavements, it is dangerous for pedestrians. Even if they leave enough space for someone to walk by they are often forcing, the families with pushchairs, the disabled, elderly with walking frames and mobility users to use the main carriageway to get around the car.

Verge damage in Vicarage Lane

A balance needs to be found between car parking and safety. In many small Closes and Cul-de-Sacs residents have taken to parking there cars over the pavements to get everyone parked. Where on through roads half parking off the road isn’t helping anyone; half blocking the road and half blocking the pavement.