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Aircraft noise

by Alex Brims on 15 April, 2018

Alex has been talking to the management team at Daedalus airfield about concerns residents have had about extra noise.

One concern was Brit-Norman or service and maintain aircraft who were carrying out engine test at full throttle for up to 30 minutes cross to local houses on Stubbington Lane. Alex along with a local resident was able to get the engine testing away from houses.

Alex meeting some of the management team at Daedalus

The loss of the guider club and the commercial drive for the airfield to make money may see increase noise in the future. We will have to keep an ear out and request changes where needed.

The rescue helicopter it seems is making more flights and hovering more than historically we are used to. As the summer comes and we open our windows at night we will near the helicopter more. The rescue helicopter operations have expanded at a lot of the last few years and I plan to write more in a future Ad LIb to let you know why we notice the noise more.

The new road into Daedalus from Lee sea front.