Charges at the Tip

Charges at the tip

Several residents this month have written to us concerned by the charges that the Conservatives have brought in at the tips in Hampshire. The charges are to cover rubble, plasterboard, and a few other things. The conservatives have proposed charging for other things but so far we have been spared.

The charges are from Conservative controlled Hampshire County Council who we pay our council tax to. They are legally responsible for disposing of the household rubbish taken to the tip. So we pay our tax and then pay again at the tip.

There is concern that the chargers are increasing fly tipping. One of the reasons HCC care little about the fly tipping, is that it is HCC that run the tips but FBC who pay to clear up the fly tipping. So HCC are reducing their costs while seemingly not caring that they are increasing the local borough councils costs.

The other thing we have heard people are doing is putting small amounts of rubble in they household bins each week. This again is extra cost to FBC. This is not just extra cost on our council tax but also the rumble isn’t recycled.

The Lib Dem have been complaining to HCC and we will continue to put pressure on them to improve recycling and remove the charges.

TOP TIP – Free Rubble Tip

If you do have some rubble in the future there is a place that will take it for free (as long as you have steel toe cap shoes.). It is on the Parkgate to Botley road, on the left straight after crossing over the M27.

google map: 50.878482, -1.268115