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Revised local plan will be crucial for village

by Focus team member on 19 April, 2018

Fareham has to find sites for almost 3,500 extra homes in the next few years.

This is because of delays to the 6,000-home Welborne plan which the Tories said would meet housing need.

So a revised local plan is being discussed to find sites for these, while as far as possible preserving strategic gaps between built-up areas.

A recent Tory leaflet rightly pointed out that the Draft Local Plan rejects the Old Street proposal quoted above, and the plan for more than 1,000 houses at Newlands Farm. Both of these stay in the Strategic Gap

But the leaflet fails to mention that the Draft Plan redraws the Strategic Gap to allow for 475 homes east of Newgate Lane.

Isn’t that what used to be called “being economical with the truth”?

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