Village Notice Boards Need Replacement

2018, The boards are showing the effects of 16 years of service

2018, The boards are showing the effects of 16 years of service

The Informal noticeboards beside the car park and the library path are in need of replacement.

It’s been suggested that they should be replaced by glass- fronted cases, with keys held at local shops.

Village Notice Boards

Village Notice Boards

However this could make it difficult for people who work during the day to post notices.

The notice-boards were provided in the 1990s using funds allocated by Lib Dem Cllr Dorrine Burton-Jenkins.

They were replaced in 2002 after vandalism to the original ones. Tell us whether you’d prefer them replaced by closed or open-fronted boards.

2002 Jim and Dorrine unveil the new notice- boards

2002, Jim and Dorrine unveil the new notice- boards

Give village a facelift

Jim takes a walk on the wet side

Jim takes a walk on the wet side

Many residents complain to us about puddles on the footways behind the Stubbington Green bus stop.

The paved area has been extended over the years, but vans and lorries are often parked on the grass, churning it up.

Jim Forrest has asked the Council if they will:

– Replenish the sunken surface on the informal path from the bus shelter to the toilets

– Reseed and raise the grassed areas close to the paths

– Resurface the asphalt where needed and ensure that council and contractors’ vehicles keep to the paved area.

But it’s also up to all of us to protect grass verges on our streets – do try to make sure your and your visitors’ cars aren’t churning the grass.


Also see our story on the village notice boards.


Feb 2018 Crofton AdLib

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If you want to contact us about any of these stories or new ones please use the contact us page.

NHS: Quicker appointments – but can you get there?

Fareham Community Hospital

Lib Dems are pressing Fareham Council to look at options to restore a bus service to the Community Hospital at Locks Heath.
A new system to assess the urgency of consultations means some patients may be able to have same-day appointments at the hospital if their local surgery cannot offer them.
But Lib Dem councillor Maryam Brady pointed out that people with mobility problems have difficulty getting there.
The hospital had a bus service when it opened, and Lib Dems have always
argued that it was withdrawn too soon and patient numbers are now growing.
The new housing for elderly people being built alongside the Community Hospital should also provide new potential passengers.
Surely one of the X4/X5 Southampton routes could be tweaked to include a loop to the hospital for some journeys.

Fareham Community Hospital

Fareham Community Hospital

LIDL: Fight to protect jobs

LIDL is being allowed to demolish its existing store in Newgate Lane, and the adjoining Apex Centre business units, to enable them to build a bigger store.

Three of the Planning Committee members voted against the proposal. They had tried to insist that the present store could not be demolished until the businesses in the Apex Centre are relocated.

But officers advised that planning rules would not allow such a condition.

Lidl say they will help the companies relocate – let’s hope they keep that promise, because there are some high quality products being made there, providing work, and work experience, for engineering students at CEMAST.

Delivery times to the new store will be limited, to help ease congestion.

Long wait at crossing

Some months ago, the time pedestrians have to wait at the Burnt House Lane Pelican crossing was extended.

This was initially done to reduce traffic queues during roadworks in the area.

But the change was made permanent after the roadworks ended, without any consultation with residents.

Many people have asked us if the shorter waiting time can be restored. What do you think? Give us your views at the address below.

How long do you have to wait?

How long do you have to wait?

Council plans to build teen shelter for the village.

Fareham Council is planning to erect a Teen Shelter in Stubbington. This follows a petition from local youngsters asking for a place where they could meet informally.

Alex Brims & Jim Forrest in the Rec

Hill Head Lib Dem campaigner Alex Brims and Stubbington Councillor Jim Forrest check out the Recreation Ground for possible sites for a teen shelter

The Council will consult residents about the best site for the shelter – probably in the Recreation Ground – the Ad Lib team will be happy to pass on your views, balancing the needs of our youngsters and the interests of people living nearby.

And we’re still seeking your opinion on another idea to improve the Rec. There’s been a favourable response to the idea of a drinking fountain/water filling station to reduce dependence on plastic bottles.

(Who can forget the Blue Planet film of birds and sea creatures dying because the oceans are choked with waste plastic?)

Several councils around the country are showing an interest in reviving drinking fountains, and Lib Dems are pressing Fareham to back the idea, as highlighted in our Autumn editions of Ad Lib. We’d like your suggestions of where to site one.

Teen Shelter

An example of a teen shelter. Closed or open-side versions are available

A case for cameras?

Flashing speed limit reminder signs have been in action recently at sites in Crofton.

We’ve asked if figures are available for the number of times they’ve been activated by vehicles exceeding 30mph, in which locations and in which directions.

And we’ll ask if the results justify the use of speed cameras with fines for those who have ignored the warnings.

Mays Lane,/Peak Lane, Gosport Road, Longfield Avenue and Titchfield Road are particularly prone to excess speed.

IFA2: Safety and noise tackled

IFA2, the inter-connector project at Daedalus, took a step closer at recent Council meetings.

The plans have been modified, reducing the size of the building and improving landscaping proposals to reduce its impact.

Safety concerns have been addressed, with live tests to ensure aircraft instruments would not be affected, and there are important conditions in the planning permission to prevent excessive noise.

The plan will fund a swathe of open space and woodland stretching from Southways to Peel Common and including a children’s play area and a raised observation area.

We’ll continue to monitor the project to ensure it works to the benefit of local residents.


Pointing way to school

We’re backing staff at Crofton Hammond School who asked local councilors if the sign at the Bells Lane end of Mancroft Avenue could be altered to include the distance to the school entrance – some 400 yards.

This followed an incident when an emergency vehicle was unable to find the school, which is set back from the road.