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Revised local plan will be crucial for village

by jimforrest on 19 April, 2018

Fareham has to find sites for almost 3,500 extra homes in the next few years. This is because of delays to the 6,000-home Welborne plan which the Tories said would meet housing need. So a revised local plan is being discussed to find sites for these, while as far as possible preserving strategic gaps between […]

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Local girl stands for election

by Alex Brims on 19 April, 2018

Sophie Foster-Reed, Alex’s stepdaughter, is also standing as a Lib Dem candidate in Sarisbury Ward in the Fareham elections. Her uncle, Clive Foster-Reed, is also a Lib Dem Councillor in Gosport. Sophie is an A-Level Student studying Government and Politics, at Bay House Sixth Form. I plan to read “Politics and International Relations” at University […]

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Driving off road

by Alex Brims on 19 April, 2018

There is an increase of vehicles parking and driving on the grass verges and pavements in Hill Head. There has been a large increase in the number of cars over the last twenty years; this has brought pressure on our roads and on parking. What residents are concerned about is cars and lorries that seem […]

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Charges at the Tip

by Alex Brims on 18 April, 2018

Several residents this month have written to us concerned by the charges that the Conservatives have brought in at the tips in Hampshire. The charges are to cover rubble, plasterboard, and a few other things. The conservatives have proposed charging for other things but so far we have been spared. The charges are from Conservative […]

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Signs of Tiding up

by Alex Brims on 17 April, 2018

Alex has had the signs at the Cliff Road car park tidied up. One sign had fallen down, it’s now back up. And when a new ‘No Parking on the grass’ sign was installed, the old sign was left; it has now been removed.     Alex has also report bent and non visible sign on Salterns Road, […]

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Mailbag boxes

by jimforrest on 16 April, 2018

A resident who used to work for Royal Mail tells us the postbag stores, like this unsightly one in Crofton Lane, are no longer used. There are others around locally. Now posties usually come to their rounds by van. Postbag stores like the rusting one in Beresford Road were used to store the delivery mailbags […]

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Verge side trees

by Alex Brims on 16 April, 2018

We live in a beautiful area with trees in the grass verges to add to it. The County Council plant new trees every year in areas suggested by residents. Contact us to pass on your suggestions.

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Aircraft noise

by Alex Brims on 15 April, 2018

Alex has been talking to the management team at Daedalus airfield about concerns residents have had about extra noise. One concern was Brit-Norman or service and maintain aircraft who were carrying out engine test at full throttle for up to 30 minutes cross to local houses on Stubbington Lane. Alex along with a local resident […]

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Our Policies

by Alex Brims on 14 April, 2018

Fareham Liberal Democrats Policy See our vision for the way your Council should be run, and the services it should provide. In summary: Housing We will promote the building of new homes, which actually serve local residents across all sectors of need, using Brownfield rather than Greenfield sites where possible. We will press for better […]

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Candidates for Election

by Alex Brims on 13 April, 2018

Your  Liberal Democrat Candidates: Hill Head ward is Alex Brims Stubbington Ward is Jim Forrest Please see their about us pages to find out more: About  Alex Brims  – click to read election leaflet/address pdf About  Jim Forrest  – click to read election leaflet/address pdf See (and Like) our Facebook page @Lib Dems for Crofton

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