Thorny Hedge – Titchfield Road

There were some really nasty thorns on this shrub overhanging the pavement from the Titchfield Road electricity sub-station.

Overhanging Hedge on Tichfieid Rd

Overhanging Hedge on Titchfield Rd

Jim Forrest reported it to the Highways team at the County Council, and within a few days it had been pruned to leave the pavement clear of obstruction. The eyesore patch of weeds also belonging to the electricity board which had spoiled the outlook of a neighbour’s garden was cleared at the same time.
You can report pavement obstructions like this online through an interactive map at

The pruned bush will grow back in a more manageable shape

IFA2: National Grid must keep promises

A special meeting of Fareham Council’s planning committee on November 17th examined details of IFA2, National Grid’s proposed Interconnector at Daedalus, and the proposed new public open space to be financed by it. They included:
● Details of access, appearance, landscaping and appearance of the new public open space.
● Revised details of the converter station buildings.
● Reports on converter station noise, interference, and electro-magnetic fields.
● TV and radio interference assessment.
Jim Forrest spoke at the meeting as one of his first duties on returning to the Council. Jim said: “The proposed open space is much bigger and better than any previous public space offered at Daedalus.
“But planners must ensure it doesn’t come at an unacceptable cost to residents. National Grid must be held firmly to their promised safeguards on noise, public health and aircraft safety.”
See the planning pages at for more details on IFA2. We’ll keep you informed of further meetings as they arise.

Rodent and Mouse Removal Petition

Fareham Borough Council has recently decided to change it’s policy on rodent and mouse removal. The service, which was previously free, will now cost £60 per treatment but will be free to households in receipt of benefits.

We believe this decision creates an unnecessary public health risk. It is not justifiable to ignore the predictable unintended consequences: incorrectly treated or untreated infestations and risk of harm to other animals including peoples’ pets.The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Professionals’ policy statement since 2011 is that charging for controlling rats and mice is not in accordance with councils’ duties under the 1949 Pest Control Act. This service is not currently free as some Conservatives have implied, it is paid for out of our council tax which was just increased again by the maximum allowed without a referendum. The council retains a duty to deal with rats and mice on our own land and they do not respect property boundaries. Residents who aren’t exempted because they are in receipt of certain benefits like Employment Support Allowance may nevertheless be on low incomes and face significant financial stress if faced with an unexpected expense of £60.
We have started a petition and are hoping to gather a large number of signatures to present to the council. If you can help, please print out a copy of the pest control petition and gather some signatures; they will need to be Fareham residents to count. Please return completed petitions to: 27 Shearwater Avenue, Portchester, Fareham, PO16 8YE