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Gerald Drabble

Gerald Drabble has lived in Hill Head for just over 20 years. A widower, he has brought up two children, who both attended local schools and local activities.

Gerald works within the utility Industry. He also volunteers at QA Hospital on a small committee which oversees end of life care .

Walking the dog helps Gerald keep an eye out for problems

While standing as an Independent candidate in the 2021 local election, Gerald got to know the Focus team, and realised local Lib Dems shared his hopes for Stubbington and Hill Head.

Gerald says: “I do not want to see Hill Head or the surrounds become a concrete jungle.

“I WILL vote against any mass house building projects, unlike Tory councillors who promised before the election, that they WOULD vote against any house building, particularly on the strategic gap. Once elected they DID vote in favour of the Local Plan which opens the strategic gap for exploitation.

“There is a lot of  green space around Hill Head and I would like to see it kept and turned into something that benefits the residents as a whole and not just a select few.”

“I’ll also keep up the pressure on our local councils to make sure services are kept up to a high standard, and problems are dealt with quickly.”

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