Focus: Crofton Liberal Democrats

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Cllr Jim Forrest

Jim Forrest was elected to Fareham Council in 2002, initially representing Stubbington alongside much-loved Cllr Dorrine Burton-Jenkins.

Though unseated twice in the fiercely contested elections that characterise Stubbington, he fought back both times to return with a bigger vote share than before – a spectacular 57% in the 2018 election.

Jim visiting a countryside site threatened with development

He was leader of the Lib Dem group on the Council from 2011 to 2013, and is now its deputy leader and spokesman on planning and development. In that role he has fought passionately to preserve the Strategic Gap betwen settlements which is such a benefit both to Stubbington and to Fareham as a whole.

But he always has time to help residents to get action from the Council on the smaller, very local issues that affect us in our daily lives.

Jim says: “I’ve always believed that the people should tell the politicians what needs doing, not the other way round. It’s our marvellous residents who make Stubbington, and I ‘ve been privileged to listen and learn from them.”