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Traffic-free at last

by Jim Forrest on 30 March, 2018

The new route of Newgate Lane South, from Collingwood to the Peel Common roundabout, is due to be opened on the weekend of April 7/8. Buses on the 21/21A route will use the new road from Monday, April 9. There will be several overnight closures of Newgate Lane during the rest of April to enable […]

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Lib Dems secure major victory to limit cold calling

by Alex Brims on 17 March, 2018

Lib Dems have been campaigning to end cold-calling in relation to pensions, claims management and other financial services. Alex Brims says well done to those amazing  Lib Dem peers have been at it again – winning crucial changes to legislation. As the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill completes its stages in the Upper House, the […]

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Deteriorating Community Noticeboards

by Alex Brims on 15 March, 2018

 Our survey about the deteriorating community noticeboards sparked a big response. Most residents said they would prefer to keep them open to all users, so that club secretaries etc can put them up at whatever time they visit the village. Some commented on misuse, such as failure to remove out-dated notices, or use by commercial […]

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Salterns Road Dangers

by Alex Brims on 14 March, 2018

Salterns Road continues to have a 60mph speed limit , even though it is narrow with many blind bends. The road was recently closed for a day because of the number of accidents caused by fast driving in bad weather. Children and walkers going from Seafield Park to the beach have to cross it. Many […]

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Old Street Rural Route: update

by Alex Brims on 13 March, 2018

There has also been a lot of reaction to the question we asked about whether cycle access could be improved in the gated section of Old Street. Everyone agrees that it should be kept as a No Through Road, and there have been complaints about motorbikes using the existing gaps. Residents report that it is […]

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Stubbington Lane Bus stop

by Alex Brims on 12 March, 2018

Mobility scooter users and parents pushing prams have difficulty getting past the Golden Bowler bus shelter near the Stubbington Lane/ Mulberry Avenue junction. Fareham Council is reviewing bus shelters after taking back control of them from private contractors. Alex Brims has asked officers to see if they can widen the footway here.

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March 2018 ADLIB

by Alex Brims on 10 March, 2018

Read the March  Ad Lib Ad Lib March 2018- orange-web2Ad Lib March 2018  

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Poppy Wave is coming

by Alex Brims on 5 March, 2018

The Poppy Wave installation to mark the centenary of World War I is coming to the Royal Armouries Museum at Fort Nelson between April 13 and June 24. The museum expects to get about 150,000 visitors over the period, an estimated 90% travelling by car. Be prepared, if you drive or cycle along the Portsdown […]

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Tackling source of plastics waste

by Jim Forrest on 5 March, 2018

Jim also sparked a debate on  the installation of combined drinking fountains/waterbottle filling points in parks etc. He asked for the idea – raised in the October Ad Lib at the suggestion of local Clean Beaches campaigner Meg Lampard – to be included in a motion about measures to reduce single-use plastics in Fareham. Tory […]

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Start of woodland walk

by Jim Forrest on 4 March, 2018

Jim Forrest joined other Fareham councillors recently at a tree-planting ceremony to mark the start of the new open space being funded by National Grid’s inter-connector project at Daedalus. Around 30,000 trees are being planted, creating a new woodland walkway from the edge of the built-up area to the Peel Common roundabout as well as […]

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