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Newgate Lane

by Focus team member on 20 April, 2018

Ad Lib campaigning helped Lesley and residents in Newgate Lane to win an end to the noise and pollution of constant traffic outside their doors. Jim says: “The fight goes on to help thousands of other Stubbington and Hill Head residents with day-to-day problems. The picture right, taken shortly after the opening of the new […]

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Safety for Bells Lane Crossing

by Alex Brims on 20 April, 2018

The crossing from the park on Mancroft Ave across Bells Lane to the rec is a busy crossing for pedestrians, and also a fast section of road. We have had reports from residents of children finding it difficult to cross the road safely. As you cross from the south at Mancroft Ave park side the […]

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Driving off road

by Alex Brims on 19 April, 2018

There is an increase of vehicles parking and driving on the grass verges and pavements in Hill Head. There has been a large increase in the number of cars over the last twenty years; this has brought pressure on our roads and on parking. What residents are concerned about is cars and lorries that seem […]

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Signs of Tiding up

by Alex Brims on 17 April, 2018

Alex has had the signs at the Cliff Road car park tidied up. One sign had fallen down, it’s now back up. And when a new ‘No Parking on the grass’ sign was installed, the old sign was left; it has now been removed.     Alex has also report bent and non visible sign on Salterns Road, […]

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Salterns Road Dangers

by Alex Brims on 14 March, 2018

Salterns Road continues to have a 60mph speed limit , even though it is narrow with many blind bends. The road was recently closed for a day because of the number of accidents caused by fast driving in bad weather. Children and walkers going from Seafield Park to the beach have to cross it. Many […]

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On board hospital bus campaign

by Focus team member on 8 March, 2018

We reported in the January Ad Lib that Lib Dems  put a question to Fareham Council calling for the return of bus services to Fareham Community Hospital. Patients from Stubbington and Hill Head are increasingly being directed there. We’re pleased to note that Fareham MP Suella Fernandes is on board, with a petition calling for […]

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Poppy Wave is coming

by Alex Brims on 5 March, 2018

The Poppy Wave installation to mark the centenary of World War I is coming to the Royal Armouries Museum at Fort Nelson between April 13 and June 24. The museum expects to get about 150,000 visitors over the period, an estimated 90% travelling by car. Be prepared, if you drive or cycle along the Portsdown […]

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A case for cameras?

by Alex Brims on 8 January, 2018

Flashing speed limit reminder signs have been in action recently at sites in Crofton. We’ve asked if figures are available for the number of times they’ve been activated by vehicles exceeding 30mph, in which locations and in which directions. And we’ll ask if the results justify the use of speed cameras with fines for those who have ignored […]

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Pointing way to school

by Alex Brims on 4 January, 2018

We’re backing staff at Crofton Hammond School who asked local councilors if the sign at the Bells Lane end of Mancroft Avenue could be altered to include the distance to the school entrance – some 400 yards. This followed an incident when an emergency vehicle was unable to find the school, which is set back […]

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