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Driving off road

by Alex Brims on 19 April, 2018

There is an increase of vehicles parking and driving on the grass verges and pavements in Hill Head. There has been a large increase in the number of cars over the last twenty years; this has brought pressure on our roads and on parking. What residents are concerned about is cars and lorries that seem […]

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Old Street Rural Route: update

by Alex Brims on 13 March, 2018

There has also been a lot of reaction to the question we asked about whether cycle access could be improved in the gated section of Old Street. Everyone agrees that it should be kept as a No Through Road, and there have been complaints about motorbikes using the existing gaps. Residents report that it is […]

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Stubbington Lane Bus stop

by Alex Brims on 12 March, 2018

Mobility scooter users and parents pushing prams have difficulty getting past the Golden Bowler bus shelter near the Stubbington Lane/ Mulberry Avenue junction. Fareham Council is reviewing bus shelters after taking back control of them from private contractors. Alex Brims has asked officers to see if they can widen the footway here.

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A needless hazard to cyclists?

by Alex Brims on 9 February, 2018

This article has an update here Old Street Rural Route: update The gates across the “country lane” section of Old Street give residents a welcome defence against through traffic. But the kerbs on either side make them awkward for cyclists, and some cyclists have fallen while trying to steer round them. Should access be improved to give […]

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Long wait at crossing

by Focus team member on 14 January, 2018

Some months ago, the time pedestrians have to wait at the Burnt House Lane Pelican crossing was extended. This was initially done to reduce traffic queues during roadworks in the area. But the change was made permanent after the roadworks ended, without any consultation with residents. Many people have asked us if the shorter waiting time can be […]

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Crumbling Pavements

by Alex Brims on 4 January, 2018

ALEX Brims has written to the County Council about the poor state of some of the pavements on roads off Plymouth Drive. A resident pointed out that about five years ago many local pavements were resurfaced – but not all. Many of those pavements are now in poor condition with broken tarmac, raised iron work and kerb edges and with large puddles […]

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Thorny Hedge – Titchfield Road

by Alex Brims on 28 November, 2017

There were some really nasty thorns on this shrub overhanging the pavement from the Titchfield Road electricity sub-station. Jim Forrest reported it to the Highways team at the County Council, and within a few days it had been pruned to leave the pavement clear of obstruction. The eyesore patch of weeds also belonging to the […]

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