IFA2: National Grid must keep promises

A special meeting of Fareham Council’s planning committee on November 17th examined details of IFA2, National Grid’s proposed Interconnector at Daedalus, and the proposed new public open space to be financed by it. They included:
● Details of access, appearance, landscaping and appearance of the new public open space.
● Revised details of the converter station buildings.
● Reports on converter station noise, interference, and electro-magnetic fields.
● TV and radio interference assessment.
Jim Forrest spoke at the meeting as one of his first duties on returning to the Council. Jim said: “The proposed open space is much bigger and better than any previous public space offered at Daedalus.
“But planners must ensure it doesn’t come at an unacceptable cost to residents. National Grid must be held firmly to their promised safeguards on noise, public health and aircraft safety.”
See the planning pages at www.fareham.gov.uk for more details on IFA2. We’ll keep you informed of further meetings as they arise.