Focus: Crofton Liberal Democrats

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Meet the team

Local, Active… and Trusted

Jim Forrest represented Stubbington on the Council since 2002. And for 25 years he has worked hard for local people through the Ad Lib newsletters delivered all year round by Lib Dem volunteers.

As a councillor, Jim Forrest has won wide respect among Council staff, local organisations, and even opponents, by putting the needs of local people before party advantage.

Jimmy Roberts joined the Focus team when he moved with his family to Stubbington, and previously worked with the successful Lib Dem team in Eastleigh.

He has been working hard with the team, identifying local problems and getting action to sort them.

And Gerald Drabble, who stood in Hill Head as an Independent in the 2021 election, has now joined the Lib Dems and is pitching in with Jim and Jimmy.

Gerald says: “The Lib Dems’ long record of fighting to defend the Strategic Gap was a perfect match for my own views.”

Jim Forrest says: “Our residents need a strong local team to fight their case, and we’re determined to get Jimmy and Gerald elected to join me on the Council.”

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