Alex Brims

Liberal Democrat Candidate for Hill Head in the May 3rd Elections 2018

Alex Brims

Alex Brims

I am married with a grown-up daughter and two student stepchildren who are off to university. I have had a wide range of jobs starting with farming on local farms and delivery driver for Parkers, HGV lorry driving, through to Web design and business information systems analyst. I am currently work for a large UK employer.  I have lived in Hill Head and Stubbington nearly all my life.

This is a beautiful area and a great place to live, but we must work to keep it this way. There is pressure for large housing developments to be built all around us. I will work to keep the isolation of our village and to keep the green space that separates us from the urban sprawl of Fareham and Gosport.

Stubbington village and Hill Head sea front currently have free parking which is used by many, including young families and elderly residents. It is important we keep these free. I will also work to make sure there is enough appropriate parking for disabled residents.

I am part of the AdLib team that is working all year round, not just at election time, for the residents of Hill Head & Stubbington.

Here is a little video I did for the May 2018 election (I think my teacher would have said good first effort?):

Click for my main election leaflet/ Address pdf file

I joined the Liberal Democrats as I was unhappy that the current politicians had stopped working in the interests of the people of this village and country. Some politicians no longer listen or interact with the residents, as they think they know best. I want to listen to the residents, to the issues you have, and help, where I can, make a difference.

If you want to contact me please use the contact us page.