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Now let’s look to 2024

by geralddrabble on 9 May, 2022

Gerry Drabble writes: I have so many messages via social media, saying how disappointed people were that I didn’t get elected and asking me if I will consider running again.

The answer to that is YES, I hope to run again in 2024.

Before I can officially run and announce myself, there are set procedures I and other candidates must go through and these won’t be happening for some months. But with all YOUR support, I will still be around and I will still be active, addressing your concerns and issues; all you have to do is bring them to my attention.

Please also remember we are an established Political party nationwide and in the recent elections we did very well. See just how well.

Congratulations to our Lib Dem neighbours, who took control of Gosport and tightened their grip in Portsmouth, Eastleigh and Winchester.

Lib Dems were the big winners across the country this year with more than 200 seats gained. And our sister party in Northern Ireland, the Alliance, doubled their seats at Stormont and give hope of a route away from sectarian politics.

Your local Lib Dems are open and transparent and we are not beholden to faceless and nameless funders, we are answerable to you, the voter.

Many of you will know what we have done for you, the issues we have sorted out or still sorting out ongoing issues. Please don’t lose touch with us, we are still here.

We are here for you all year round and not just at elections

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