Facelift for message centre

We’re delighted to see that the noticeboards near the bus stop and the path to the library have at last been resurfaced.

A big thankyou to Love Stubbington, who join a long list of people who have contributed to this important local service.

The boards were erected in the mid-1990s, when under the Lib Dem administration, councillors were allowed an annual budget to fund local improvements in their wards.

Local funding was discontinued under the Conservatives, but when the original boards fell into disrepair, Cllr Dorrine Burton-Jenkins persuaded the Council to replace the surfaces in 2002.

When those in turn became worn, the Council said they would only replace them if they were brought under Council control, with locked glass cabinets.

That would have ended the easy access that makes the boards true “people’s voices”. Jim Forrest and UKIP Councillor Carolyn Heneghan helped negotiate an arrangement whereby Love Stubbington (Stubbington traders and voluntary organsations) would supply new boards.

The support posts and the ground they stand on remain council property, but without the Council being seen as promoting any commercial firms who advertise there.

Over the years, the local community has used the boards responsibly, ensuring they remain reasonably tidy (former Councillor Heneghan’s work on that deserves mention) and free from unsuitable content.