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Tell us when the sea stinks

by Jim Forrest on 5 November, 2021

Hill Head beaches need up-to-date advice to say when it’s unhealthy to swim, says local environment campaigner Meg Lampard.

Meg is urging Fareham Council to install information boards at Salterns and the Meon Shore to warn of sewage releases, and Crofton Lib Dems are giving her campaign full backing. Sewage discharge into coastal waters and rivers has become a major national issue in recent weeks, and Hill Head is in the front line.

The prime need is for the Government to stop dragging its heels and force water companies to act to stop spills, but our beaches need protection in the meantime.

Southern Water’s Combined Sewage Overflow (CSO) pipe at Hill Head released as recently as November 2, contaminating the area with untreated raw sewage combined with local run off water.

We’re all aware of the huge post-pandemic increase in swimming, paddle-boarding and other water sports, which now take place all year round.

Portsmouth is working with Southern Water to install powered boards with live information about spills. Fareham needs to do the same to keep our lovely beaches safe to enjoy.
See the full text of Meg’s proposal.