…Two wheels better?

One consequence of the Coronavirus lockdown has been a big increase in both cycling and cycle sales.

For now, this is mostly for exercise, but as businesses and factories re-open, we can expect an increase in people cycling to work or school, either because they find they prefer it to the car for shortish journeys or because of limits on the capacity of trains and buses .

The Government has announced funding to make more safe cycling routes available, and many councils are already proceeding with plans. We hope Fareham in partnership with Hampshbire County Council will follow suit.

In the meantime, we request cyclists to respect the rights of other road users. Most people cycle safely and considerately, but a thoughtless minority don’t give pedestrians enough space to practice social distancing on pavements or share use pathways,, or fail to give warning of their approach.

No safe cycling option – a rutted track, a pedestrian promenade, or a busy, winding road

This can be a particular problem on the Salterns promenade in Hill Head, where Fareham Council has been unable to complete the gravel cycle track from Seafarers Sailing Club to Monks Hill because of land ownership issues.

Our photo (from archive, before social distancing) shows the rutted track cyclists have to use for the final stretch to avoid straying onto the footway – a sad feature on what is part of a nationally recognised cycle route.

Perhaps when the Stubbington bypass is complete the County Council should consider closing Salterns Road as a through route for vehicles, making it safe for cyclists. At present many drivers use it as a rat-run between Gosport and the A27, but if the bypass does the job it’s supposed to, there should be no need for that any more.

Taking vehicles off that road would also make it much safer for families walking to the beach through Seafield Park to cross Salterns Lane safely.

2 thoughts on “…Two wheels better?

  1. Carole Stone says:

    As a nervous cyclist I hate having to cycle in the road and as a Driver I get very frustrated when cyclists fail to use cycle paths preferring the road, though I wonder if perhaps that is to do with many being combined pedestrian/cycle paths,? More cycle paths can only be welcomed, not simply for our health but also for the environment. I think many of us have truly enjoyed the cleaner air that the pause in our usual hectic, traffic heavy lives has brought despite the sacrifices the majority of us made

  2. Yes so many families out together on bikes keeping fit and keeping the air clean by leaving cars at home. Let’s hold on to that habit for the future and make our roads more cycle friendly and our air less polluted.

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