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End to austerity? Not here

by Focus team member on 16 October, 2019

Hampshire County Council is proposing another £80million of cuts in its so-called Transformation to 2021. The Tory Government tell us austerity is supposed to be over – measures like these from the Tory County Council tell us it’s not!
• £1.76 million cuts to libraries – which could mean some whole library closures, or day closures at many other libraries
• A whole range of further cuts to Home to School Transport.
• £596,000 reduction to the Short Breaks for Disabled Children programme
• £8.2 million of waste costs to be dumped onto district councils
• £1 million from introducing charging for wood disposal at Household Waste REcycling Centgres
• Another £500,000 saving from switching off street lights or further dimming of them
• An astonishing £43.1million cut to the Adult Care Services budget, when the need is increasing rapidly