What’s doing at Daedalus?

Today, Thursday March 7, you can have your say on Fareham Council’s “Vision for Daedalus” recently¬† approved by Fareham Council’s Executive.

Residents often ask us about developments at the airfield, so to help, you can find the document on the meeting agenda here:
(Look for Item 9(3) Attachment 1.)

A special Crofton CAT meeting about Daedalus is being held on Thursday, March 7 at the Innovation Centre in Meteor Way where residents can question the Leader of Fareham Council about the airfield.

Jim Forrest sits on a Council members’ working group which receives regular briefings about the airfield.

He also recularly attends a consultative group set up by National Grid where local councillors and residents’ groups are briefed about the work involved in building the IFA2 interconnector and bringing ashore the cables which will carry electricity supply across the Channel.

At meetings of both groups he raises the questions and concerns of Stubbington people, and reports back to residents through Ad Lib, the Facebook page @LibDems4Crofton, and this website