Newgate Lane

Jim Forrest with Lesley Davies, who has been delivering Ad Lib since Jim was first elected in 2002

Ad Lib campaigning helped Lesley and residents in Newgate Lane to win an end to the noise and pollution of constant traffic outside their doors. Jim says: “The fight goes on to help thousands of other Stubbington and Hill Head residents with day-to-day problems.

The picture right, taken shortly after the opening of the new road to the east of Peel Farm, helps to explain why I serve as a Fareham Councillor.

But the real credit goes to the residents themselves, for keeping up the pressure for a decent life for their families.

That day I was delighted to see children out playing on their bikes where they never could before because of incessant traffic.

Liberal Democrats are in politics to help people achieve the things they need, not to say what we think is good for them.

Dorinne Burton-Jenkins and I strove for years to restore Newgate Lane as a quiet backwater. So did councillors from other parties – I don’t claim it as just one party’s achievement.

Jim at the temporary bus stop

There’s still more to do – bus users now have to walk through potholed gravel in Woodcote Lane to get to the new stops.

Residents have been told work to improve Woodcote Lane will start in May. In the meantime, temporary stops near the Gosport Road Pelican crossing are an easier if slightly longer walk away, and will be made permanent soon.